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Bestshop Berlin

KLING by KLING is a label created by London based Swede Karolina Kling. Since establishing the brand in 2006 the label has acclaimed international attention for its distinct prints and playful designs and has been described as Viktor & Rolf on acid. For the last two years she has reached a growing audience with her fourth collection, distributing worldwide.

With a background in Graphic Design, Karolina Kling has a unique take on fashion, both highly personal and yet commercial. The concept for each collection always consists of several layers; the patterns are always beautiful, but with more to them than what meet the eye. KLING by KLING is a world of dreams and the clothes are there to immerse the viewer with fantasies.
Because of her base in the graphic world, KLING sees herself as a graphic and product designer, rather than a fashion designer. Looking at fashion as if the fabric is just another substitute of a 3D medium with patterns and illustrations, rather than flat just images.

KLING has also worked applying her graphics on garments through other labels, such as H&M, Cheap Monday, Reebok, Nudie Jeans, Monki, Cheapo and Libero.
KLING has always worked with her graphics in a 3D way, her experiences in the past Includes designing conceptual engagement rings, shoes, bathroom collections, duvet covers and wallpapers.

Besides working with her own label, Karolina Kling has experience In working with some of the most interesting film makers in Sweden, doing scenography and costume design in both film and music videos.

During two years (2005-2007) she was one of three designers behind the exhibition and event organization Fashion Deluxe, focusing on showing the works of young, upcoming fashion designers in various exhibitions.  The latest exhibition was hold at the Ginza Gallery In Tokyo, Japan.    

SparKLING nights
KLING´s latest collection is based on stories by her closest friends, related to the sentence “sparKLING nights”. Different elements from their stories are then being applied into her graphics, appearing as allover patterns, covering every piece in the collection.
With “sparKLING nights”, an interesting expression has been developed, combining a sense of elegant rococo with futuristic street ware.

Land of Dreams
The collection is built on different characters taken from Karolina Klings daydreams.
The patterns have been build around the characters and given life through the shapes of the garment. The collection takes place in between of dreams and reality, with styles reminding of Japanese street culture, but also airing elegance, craziness and fantasy. Including duvet covers, pillows and wall vinyl’s, the collection is also bringing interior design into the world of fashion.

V I R U S AW 07 / SS 07
Finding inspiration in the beauty of viruses, the V I R U S collection is based on their strong and beautiful shapes and expressions. The idea was to expose what is normally the most private, invisible thing, always hidden on our insides, but now shown on the outside. The collection consists of unisex garments for the bigger part of it, with an elegant take on streetwear.

Ice cream has inspired this unisex, streetwear collection. Being Karolina Kling´s final project at university, it eventually grew to form the label and develop into her fulltime job. The whole range consists of clothing, packaging, labels and also some duvets and pillows. The collection has been sold in Stockholm, Gothenburg, London, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Barcelona and Reykjavik.

website: KlingbyKling