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Diana Orving

Much of what has been written about Diana Orving has focused on how young she is (she was born in 1985) and how she is entirely self-taught. She began to design clothes for herself and her friends in high school using a kind of trial and error approach. The clothes subsequently found their way into Stockholm stores selling up-and-coming design. She presented her first collection in spring 2005, and her clothing is now stocked not only in some of the most discriminating boutiques in Sweden but also in the United States and Japan. “I believe I’ve developed a freer approach by not having learned right from wrong,” she says. “By making mistakes, I’ve found my own right way of doing things.” The unifying theme in Orving’s production is a kind of organic feel: sometimes you get the impression that a garment has grown by itself and then just glided without any resistance onto the wearer’s body. She normally uses a fairly muted color palette featuring a lot of black, beige and white, with some exceptions. The focus is more on form than on color. Her interest centers on the actual construction of the garments (she uses draping as a technique and tests the clothes on real bodies), as well as on the relationship between the clothes and their wearers (she tries to build elements of surprise into her clothes and make it possible to modify them depending on the wearer). Her approach is also evident in how she presents her clothes. For example, for her autumn/winter 2008 collection, she worked with four actresses to produce a show that bordered on theater. She does all this in order to explore what it means to wear clothes and to dress up: “To me, clothing is about people and their stories, perhaps more than it is about fashion.”

website: diana orving